What are examples of things that were eagerly anticipated, but significantly failed to live up to their hype?

Anything from startups and theories in science to entertainment like books, television shows and movies. Also please explain why.

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

I don’t usually discuss my disappointments with the ‘not-living-up-to-the-hype’ stuff with anyone. Because I’ll probably be the only one who think so :-/ A friend opined that I set my standards too high. And that I need to change my perspective. Try as I might, nothing changes. There have been a lot of things I really ‘looked forward to’ but when it happened, I was like…



So here’s my list of ‘not-lived-up-to-the-hype’ stuff…

#1 – The Taj Mahal

Man, which Indian girl would not have heard of the Taj Mahal and the love-story and Shahjahan and all that? I was super excited when I went to see it for the first time during a trip to Delhi. I was in my teens then. I remember seeing the main doorway and having butterflies in my stomach and drum-rolls in my mind.


So I walked through the door and beheld in front of me THE Taj itself. I expected myself to burst into emotional tears…or something close. But all I had in mind was,

‘Oh…! This is it?’


It was amazing how the drum rolls died away and the butterflies just disappeared. I was surprised at my indifference. I tried in vain to view it through all the poetic angles I had grown up listening to. Despite it being touted as the ultimate symbol of love and all that, I found nothing really ‘extraordinary’ about it. Lots of white marble. Looks more like a grand mosque. So I went about looking at it as I’d see any other old building. The floral designs on the walls were pretty…the architectural symmetry deserved some appreciation (but a lot of buildings those days boasted of perfect symmetry anyway)…besides that…blah! 😐

#2 – Chemmeen – Malayalam movie (1965)
Chemmeen Movie Stills-Gallery-Photos-Madhu-Sathyan-Sheela-Onlookers Media

I grew up hearing stories after stories about this movie. My dad says this movie revolutionized  Indian cinema. Going by the various awards this movie collected, (National Film Award for Best Feature Film, Certificate of Merit at the Chicago International Film Festival, Gold Medal at the Cannes Film Festival for Best Cinematography – Marcus Bartley), he should be right. And so I watched it. To be honest, I didn’t find anything ‘revolutionizing’-ly fantastic in it. Another tragic love-story. Duh!

#3 – Adulthood


So all I wanted to be when I was a little girl was…umm…to be a BIG girl. So that I could do all those things BIG people did – not go to school, grow my nails long like Mom, wear make-up, wear a saree, stay up after 9pm….cute!

What I wasn’t prepared for…was this…. :-/


Nobody told me that adulthood comes as a package deal with no options. And when I finally reached my much anticipated adulthood, I didn’t see anything fancy about it. Nothing at all really! And now I’m like…


D-oh! :-/

What are examples of things that were eagerly anticipated, but significantly failed to live up to their hype?


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