What is your favorite song right now?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

Here are a few of my current favorites…basically they’re on loop mode on my mobile playlist 🙂
Oru Karimukilu – Charlie – It’s been a long time since I watched and heard such a complete song in every sense of the word. Beautiful music. Amazing visuals. Dulquer Salman looks like a dream. Perfection!
Vaanam chaayum – Anarkali – Lovely music. Lakshadweep shown like never before. This song takes one back to the golden era of Malayalam music.
Pashmina – Fitoor – Poise…beauty…elegance. The song sounds like silk itself…it’s like I can actually feel the ruffle of silk in every note 🙂
Dheevara – Baahubali – Every shot of this song…every word…every note…everything is so beautiful!
Deewani Mastani – Bajirao Mastani – Deepika Padukone at her ravishing best. She is a visual treat in this video 🙂
Aaj ibadat – Bajirao Mastani – I cannot really put a finger on what exactly is so enchanting about this song…the music, the lyrics, the feel…? Everything I guess 🙂
Kaathirunnu – Ennu Ninte Moideen – Pulls at the heart strings like no other…the lilting tune and the lyrics drenched in the sorrow of separation from a loved one. Beautiful! :’)
Malhari – Bajirao Mastani – The ultimate victory song! Love the raw energy this song just exudes! Totally awesome!


What is your favorite song right now?


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