When the Queen spoke…

Former Miss World and Quantico (TV series) heartthrob Priyanka Chopra made it to the headlines yet again when she made a rather bold statement with regard to women empowerment. Here’s what she said – Priyanka Chopra: I don’t need a guy for anything except for children – The Times of India
And all hell broke loose! If you would just scroll down to the comments section below the article, the kind of comments that are pouring in are more than enough proof to show just how sexist our nation is till this date. Here are a few self-explanatory gems…
  • Should one read between the lines, that she’s a 1esbian !!!
  • U r Anyway in lost case.. Even for Kids No One will want you ..
  • all her b/f’s are producing kids with other women.. she’s frustrated.
  • Nice ti hear but she can have artificial incemination no need of a man for a child too
  • Why even need a man for that ? Single mother tag is too heavy to life for you ? Get inspiration from Sushmita. Pointless feminism – I HATE
  • Priyanka is saying and believes that “one should not buy the COW when milk is cheap “
  • You need A “Donor”.
  • What is the selection process?
  • how she will cure her itch?? male is not just for availability of semen
  • Film actresses are nothing but pros****.
  • Priyanka doesn’t need a man to reproduce either.A male dog should be good enough.Boss, such idiots are nominated for “incredible India”. Wonder, if Govt sees credentials before nominating…
  • And now boys should retort by saying we don’t need a women for anything but sex
  • Girls must get married at a younger age and have a family life .Like Kajol , madhudri Dixit etc otherwise they will end up like Rekha ….Girls llike priyanka , Katrina , dee pika , will end up like Rekha … Sad for Such girls ..
  • I;m ready if Prinkya does not mind!!! (this was written by a bloke who had a pic of him and his son as a profile pic! facepalm!)
  • These views will completely change once she marry and become mother,Girls have to perform three roles in the life, daughter wife & mother, she is very sincere to her profession, hence she will be very sincere mother too, then she will need support from her man.
  • All the Male studs can start lining up in front of PEEEEEEEEECEEEEEEEEEE and wait for their turns.
  • Ok get a sperm donor then (in US sperm banks you can order about any “genetic ingredience”, whatever kind of a child you wish, buy yourself a smart cute child, bersides your diamonds)..if that happens to be your true sentiments….I had thought, that she had better, “milder” sentiments…women in the “endtime”..sigh
  • Then she should be doing only female centered roles in the movies..should stop choosing movies where there is an actor involved in lead role ?? can she do that ?? double standard b1tch
Amazing much? I’m nothing short of appalled! My nation is as stuck up in the 18th century as it was…in the 18th century. Shame!


When the Queen spoke…


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