What’s the most famous food from your city?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

I’m from Ernakulam,’The Queen of the Arabian Sea’…a city in the state of Kerala,India.
I guess some of the most famous food from where I come from are these…
Karimeen Fry
Pearl spot fish marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, red chillies, other ingredients and later deep fried.
Karimeen Pollichathu
A fish delicacy using Pearl Spot fish locally known as Karimeen that is found very common in Kerala backwaters. It is one of the “star” foods of Kerala, marinated pearl fish is wrapped in banana leaf and grilled resulting in one of the delicious fish delicacy of Kerala.
Porotta+Chilly Chicken
Okay so our Kerala Porotta has little or no relation with the paranthas one gets familiar with in the northern parts of India. Kerala porotta is a heavily layered variant that is made with maida (refined flour) and oil. There are no fillings.
The most popular accompaniment is the Kerala Chilly Chicken. No, folks…our Chilly Chicken is not related to the original Chinese dish. Kerala Chilly Chicken is very spicy, very succulent and very RED!
Paalada payasam
Tadaa! The King of all desserts!! Definitely not meant for the fainthearted. It is made with home made rice flakes, milk, sugar and butter. The Ernakulam variant of Kerala’s palada payasam/pradhaman is like literally loaded with sugar. The sweetness level is several notches higher than the palada payasam available in other parts of Kerala. This is an inevitable part of the Hindu weddings in Kerala where they serve the traditional feast (sadya).
*slurp!* 😛

What’s the most famous food from your city?

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