Why are people so passionate about expressing themselves through things like clothes, make up, jewelry, shoes?

I mean it in the nicest way possible. I love to see nicely dressed people on the street but I am a girl comfortable with being a girl that pretty much wears jeans, shirts and ballerinas every day (all three items extremely plain). If I am feeling fancy I might wear a ring or lipstick, but that’s it


Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

Thank you for the A2A.
For the record, I must admit that I love to doll up. That doesn’t mean I cake my face with several inches thick of make-up. Hell no! But I do like wearing pretty jewellery, a nice maroon lip color, do my eyes, have well-manicured nails, wear a pretty dress…but to be totally honest, I do all this exclusively for myself. Period. It’s like when I pass by a shop window and spot my reflection, I need to feel good about myself. “Ah! I look good!“.
I know a lot of people who are not okay with some of the things I do with my looks. But I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone with the way I dress. And I can’t possibly dress to impress every single person I come across. I dress well to look good to ME. This boosts my own self-confidence. And this reflects in the way I perform at the workplace, in my body-language, in basically everything.
You have mentioned that you like to wear jeans, shirts and ballerinas, which is perfectly fine! You are your most comfortable best when you are that way. And you probably will not be as much as ease with yourself if you were to wear something less comfortable. And this is most important – to be comfortable with yourself. If you appear to be uncomfortable with yourself, the people who see you will have similar views too. I remember the time when I’d worn this woolen frock when I was a little girl. It was from BHS and was extremely pretty. It looked somewhat like this but with an over sized white portrait collar and a bow-tie.
It was the ‘IN’ thing those days and many little girls had variations of these. But it was very scratchy and I remember having a perpetually constipated look on my face whenever I wore it! *facepalm* Mom says I used to whine and whimper when she made me wear it.
It’s still the same. I do not wear anything that I am not comfortable in just because it’s in fashion or because I need to get a ‘Perfectly Fashion Conscious’ certificate from anybody. What is most important is how YOU see yourself. This is my opinion.
Cheers! 🙂

Why are people so passionate about expressing themselves through things like clothes, make up, jewelry, shoes?


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