What is the meaning of your name?

Write your name followed by a semi-colon and the meaning you think it has next …
Please give the meaning of your full name.
Does it have a story behind it? Do share. Why did your parents name you that? What do you like about it? Funny experiences? Do you share it with a celebrity? Describe! 🙂


Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

Raakhee ; Full moon in the month of Shraavan
Venugopal ; Form of Lord Krishna where He is wielding the flute (My dad’s name)

My mom tells me that she fell in love with the name Raakhee when she was just a teenager. And when she had me, she didn’t even think twice as to what to name me 🙂
It’s quite a rare name in Kerala (India), where I am from. The name is most popular in West Bengal and, needless to say, I have been asked time and again if I’m a Bengali. My signature round bindi and wheatish-dusky skin adds to people’s suspicions.
I share my name with a popular Indian actress of the 1970s – Raakhee Gulzar.
Interestingly, she is a Bengali and was one of my mom’s favorite actresses too. The only things we share, besides our names, are our chubby cheeks, husky voice and big eyes. I missed out everywhere else 😦
Raakhee may also be written as ‘Rakhi’, which is the name given to a wrist band that a sister ties on her brother’s wrist during the Indian festival of Rakshabandhan, which incidentally falls every year on the full moon day of the month of Shravan.
From Wikipedia…
On Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother’s wrist. This symbolizes the sister’s love and prayers for her brother’s well-being, and the brother’s lifelong vow to protect her.
The circular disc on the bracelet is said to signify the full-moon.

P.S.: Yes, I am aware that I do share my name with another ‘actress’ too. But I don’t even want to put her and Raakhee Gulzar on the same write-up. Ugh!


What is the meaning of your name?


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