How does it feel to be a female office worker who wears heels?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

Those three questions need to be answered separately.

How does it feel to be a female office worker who wears heels?
I am just 5’4″ tall, but my build is better suited for a 5’6″ tall person. No, I’m not saying I’m fat in a sugar-coated way. I have broad shoulders and a big head to match. Unless I wear heels, I stand the chance of looking uncannily like Danny De Vito’s sister! 😛 (No offense to Mr. De Vito! He’s an amazing actor. Period.)
I wear heels because it strangely boosts my self-confidence. I wear up to 4″ heels. And that makes me look normal for my build. I don’t say I am perfectly comfortable in them, though. I’d wear a pair of flip-flops to work if I could. But when in heels, my gait becomes more like that of Galadriel and less like Bilbo Baggins 😛 LOL And that is exactly the reason why I wear heels at all.
I generally avoid pencil heels as they need a certain level of concentration in order to maintain a graceful movement and to save myself from the embarrassment of toppling over.This is the type I usually wear…

I have also noticed people looking at my feet appreciatively when I’m in a smart pair of heels. I live in the middle east where the girls literally splurge on expensive and branded footwear. I just cannot afford to wear flats, much as I would like to. I’d be branded a fashion challenged soul in no time!

Do you go home tired at the end of the day because of it?
In some of them, yes. Some shoes look so pretty that I buy them even if I feel like I’m wearing Japanese Geta shoes! My feet look amazing but I know they’re screaming ‘get us out of these!oww!’. And I end up with angry blisters too 😦

Do you feel it is worth it? would you wear something else if ____?
It sure is worth it…at least to me it is. I feel more self-confident and I definitely enjoy those appreciative looks I mentioned earlier. I wear heels only to work and for special occasions. At all other times, you’ll find me in the most comfortable shoes ever – sandals, slip-ons, sneakers, flip-flops.

How does it feel to be a female office worker who wears heels?


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