What is true about the statement “Women do not dress fancy or wear make-up to impress others. Rather they do it only for themselves”?

I always thought the whole concept of “to look good” to be something that does not work without the opinion of others and the process of socialization. A lot of women on the other hand insist that they do not depend on the opinion of anyone but themselves in this matter.


Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

I am one of those women.
There was a time (I think it was during my mid-teenage) when I used to dress to please. I attempted to wear anything an everything that was ‘in’ at the moment. I had this need to fit in. I didn’t even think for once if it suited me or not. Who cares? Everyone’s wearing them, I’ll wear them too.
But there was criticism. All the bloody time! Whatever I wore, irrespective of whether it was in fashion or not, or whether it suited me or not, had two completely opposite opinions. Something to this effect – “Raakhee, you look fabulous in this black and white dress!” and “Raakhee! You look like a cow in that black and white dress!” -_-
As a teenager, This was very unsettling. I was confused and miserable most of the time. It took me a good five to six years before it finally hit me. I just couldn’t dress to please everyone. That’s it! And I realized that above all else, it was important for me to look good to me. If I wore a dress for the sake of fashion and if I didn’t feel comfortable in it one bit, I’d have my misery writ large all over my stricken face! And that would not just make me all the more uncomfortable, it would take away the beauty of the dress as well.
I learned to find out what suited me best…what I looked best in. I devised my own make-up styles and did a lot of trials before I came to a decision as to what I looked the best in. And I didn’t ask for opinions. My self-confidence soared when I wore something I was perfectly comfortable in. And a confident woman becomes automatically prettier, for some strange reason, to the beholders’ eyes. I don’t say I didn’t meet with criticism. I sure did. But I didn’t budge from my style. I just refused to change anything. And it stuck. And people accepted me this way. And eventually appreciated me too 😉 Mission accomplished. Without the help of ‘public opinion’. 😀

What is true about the statement “Women do not dress fancy or wear make-up to impress others. Rather they do it only for themselves”?


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