What is the most cringe-worthy thing your children have said either to or in front of you?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

This was when my sister was a highly curious three year old. My grandmother used to have an elderly home nurse come and visit her every morning to administer her daily dose of insulin injection. The poor lady had heavily squinted eyes and poorly set teeth. My sister peered at her face for a while and said in a very clear loud voice…loud enough to be heard by probably everyone in the house…”Mamma, why does this auntie have teeth that’s like this way and that?” Our mom went pale white in the face and, after giving a scalding look to my sister, apologized profusely to the nurse who smiled and waved it away as “Ah! Children!“.
After she left, mom gave her an earful and told her that’s it’s extremely rude to make such unfeeling comments, and that she would have probably felt bad. My sister innocently nodded and agreed to every word. Mom was probably convinced that the little imp had understood the gravity of what she had just done and she even made her repeat after her that she wouldn’t say such things ever again.
The next morning, my sister was as usual at her peering position near Grandma’s armchair as the nurse went about her job. She stared at her subject of interest for a while and then turned to Mom and asked quite loudly in a perfectly innocent tone…
Mamma, I shouldn’t say anything about her eyes either,no?
These are times you just wish the earth opened up and you just went inside for a while. And this is why they need to make more of Harry Potter’s invisible cloaks.

What is the most cringe-worthy thing your children have said either to or in front of you?


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