Is it possible to remember spurts of your past life?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

I’d like to talk about two separate incidents here…

My experience

I used to have this recurring dream all through my childhood that panned out in exactly the same way every single time. It used to start with the sound of ruffling of skirts and jingling bangles and jewellery. I am among a small crowd of 7 or 8 young girls aged about 8 or 9. We’re laughing and running along the upstairs corridor of what looks like a rather elaborate Rajasthani Shekhawati style haveli (mansion). To get an idea, this is what Shekhawati mansions look like…

I could only see the backs of the girls running in front of me. They wore ankle length skirts that were heavily embroidered with mirrors and colorful threads, lots of silver jewellery, bangles…like the girl in this picture…

So we keep running and suddenly run out onto a terrace. Okay eureka point! I was just looking up on Google for an image that looks like the terrace I used to see in my dream to post here. And I found it. The exact one that used to come in my dreams. Okay, this is getting seriously creepy.

Apparently, this is Patan Mahal in Patan, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Here are some more pictures–> Patan Mahal, Rajasthan

The scene I see here is of a couple of turbaned men playing chess. Some women sun-drying something on reed mats. Another bunch of women hanging around. And the dreams just fades away at that point. I kept seeing this regularly despite the fact that I hadn’t been to Rajasthan at all.

We visited Rajasthan in 1994 and that’s when the dreams abruptly stopped. For no reason. It’s like it was a call for me to come and visit. We have been to Jaipur several times since then. I cannot explain the strange happiness and excitement I feel whenever we visit Rajasthan. There is some connection, I feel. But it is not something that I have an explanation for.

Patan Mahal. I’ll visit there someday. 🙂

My sister’s experience

When my sister was about 1 and a half years old, she could form broken sentences with whatever little words she had picked up. She would keep making references to these words – Aunty, paalam (bridge) (she used to make inverted arches in the air to show the shape of the bridge), torch, lifted arm.We used to think that she’s just mumbling some meaningless stuff and ignored it. One day, we were shopping and my little sister stood transfixed looking right through a picture on the window of a shop we passed by. She pointed at it and said,


This was what she was looking at.

We stood there dumbfounded. There was no way she would have known that. How did she know about the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge? The lifted arm, the ‘torch’, the ‘Aunty’. Everything suddenly made sense. She never mentioned it again. Could there be a connection? We don’t know. It sure was weird.



Is it possible to remember spurts of your past life?


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