What can be done to ensure that Indians are predominantly fair-skinned?

What can be done to ensure that Indians are predominantly fair-skinned? by Raakhee Venugopal

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:


But why would you even think like that? ‘Dark-skinned’ (God forgive me for using this terminology) people are in no way disadvantaged. Neither do they project a bad image for tourism. And it is a plain fact that the original people who lived on the subcontinent were dusky in complexion, thanks to the tropical location. It is the fair-skinned people who moved southwards from Northern and North-Western regions and settled on the Indian subcontinent who are the reason why a lot of Indians are now fair-skinned.

I live outside India and I know how crazy people are about the ‘Indian skin tone’ as they put it. The other day, I was at a shop where I saw this rather pale Western lady ask for a body bronzer that would make her skin look tanned. She looked around, spotted me and told the sales lady, “I want her color…or maybe a shade darker is also good.” Haven’t you seen how beautiful Indians are? How could you even feel like talking about the color of our skin as being a bane? In Kerala, extremely fair girls are not considered attractive. I have overheard my cousin brothers refer to some particularly fair girls as ‘white cockroaches’.

Indians take pride in their ethnicity. We love the skin we’re born in. We are genetically blessed to have beautiful features, lustrous hair and olive smooth skin. Being dark-skinned is bad? Then what are these people?

They are all beautiful people…successful…and dusky. I see nothing that they have ‘lost’ by being that way. You really do need to stop having such regressive thoughts. You’re only building up hate within yourself and hurting yourself. And I hope you do realize that your query is tantamount to racism as well. Please be careful with what you say.


What can be done to ensure that Indians are predominantly fair-skinned?


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