Indian Women : Do you prefer fair skinned men over dark men?

It’s a well known fact our country is obsessed with fair skin and many Indian men prefer fair skinned girls. Is it the same case with women too? Forget about “character”, ” intelligence ” etc. We are talking strictly about physical attraction.

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal

My very first idea about a ‘handsome man’ was Indian actor Aamir Khan. He is the one responsible for making my little heart go aflutter for the very first time. Yeah, I went bonkers when I saw him on screen for the first time in ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’…way back in 1988 ❤


And then he kept getting better…

And better!

And then I had a brief crush on Jugal Hansraj when he arrived on the scene. But it was short-lived. I guess the uncanny resemblance to Aamir Khan was the main reason.

So essentially, my idea of a drop-dead gorgeous man was somebody or anybody who looked like Aamir Khan – fair, silky hair, and a killer smile. Height was a non-issue 😛


This happened.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…..Surya Sivakumar.

And in a moment, Aamir Khan, Jugal Hansraj and anyone who looked like them just vanished from my mind.

This was it. This was manliness incarnate! My standard for a ‘man’ had been set. He was deliciously handsome, had a smile to die for, a voice that could make any girl go weak in the knees and oh those disarmingly mesmerizing eyes! ❤ For the sake of modesty, I shall not go any further 😛 But I have to share some pics…

So basically, in my case, I went from one end of the fairness scale to the other with the passing of age. I have often asked myself if I would have been so crazy for Surya if he had been fairer. I don’t know. I just don’t want to think of him in any other way. He’s perfect just the way he is 😀

I guess in my case, the idea of manliness came into more prominence over cuteness/handsomeness. I still think Aamir Khan is very cute. So is Jugal Hansraj. But Surya is manly. Period.

God, I need to get some fresh air now. I think I’m going to faint 😛

Indian Women : Do you prefer fair skinned men over dark men?


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