What part of the male body do girls enjoy looking at?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal

I don’t generally stare much at men for the simple reason that I don’t find too many stare-worthy men these days :-/ And I miss that 😦


The first thing I notice in a guy is his forearm. Lean and skinny forearms are such a turn off. I’m not much into bulging biceps or triceps. Just a decent physique without being either too flabby or too skinny is pretty much okay. But the forearms has to be awesome…muscular and hairy. Yes, please. I do not like men with bodies like the surface of an eraser. Bleh! In case the description wasn’t explanatory enough, here’s a pic to show what I meant…

A neat pair of hands is a definite plus. Non-calloused. Neatly trimmed nails. And definitely no dirt and grime.


Yes, I give a lot of importance to a guy’s hairstyle. Punk styles, the mafia look or skin heads are a definite no-no. And no, I don’t get excited by Edward Cullen’s or Christian Grey’s messy brown shock of hair. Nope. Neat traditional trims are oh-so-attractive. Yes, I know. I’m very old-school. This guy nailed it then…

And nails it now as well…


Not all men have intense eyes. But if he does, then he scores an additional 10 brownie points. They say eyes are the windows to the soul. And men do tend to leave their ‘windows’ open all the time, making it easier for us women to peer inside and see what’s going on. The prettier the eyes, the more our interest to keep looking through. Some men thankfully don’t talk much. They let their eyes do the talking for them.


What part of the male body do girls enjoy looking at?


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