What are some things films have led us to believe, that are actually not true?

Notice that the question doesn’t say, “What are some things that happen in films that are not true?”  It only asks about things that people actually believe.  E.g., I watched Peter Pan when I was a kid but I never believe fairly dust would let me fly.


Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

I used to watch a lot of Indian movies in my childhood and much of my idea about India was from what they showed. I grew up outside of India and the yearly summer vacations were spent mainly attending family weddings and dos or traveling and seeing new places.

One of the biggest shocks I had was when I joined university. This is how they show university life in Indian grad schools…

And like this…

And I was so excited that I’d be snapping out of my boring school schedules into something so happening! Oh how happy I was! I joined for a Bachelor of Engineering degree (as everyone else did back then because…because #IndianThings) and I even bought a special dress for Day#1 because I expected to make an entry like this…

And then I found myself in a classroom that looked like this…

Uh, except that the girls weren’t permitted to wear jeans. We were allowed to wear salwars, sarees or half-sarees ONLY. Boys wore only formals. T-Shirts weren’t allowed for boys and girls. One classmate wore a flashy red T-Shirt with a poster of the movie ‘Titanic’ to class one day. He was asked to go back to his hostel, change into a shirt and then attend class! o.O Everyone had only books and exams and assignments and engineering drawing sheets and mini-drafters to talk about! I was sleeping for 3 hours every night thanks to the endless assignments, and the seminars and tests that we had to prepare for. Classrooms had grim, serious faces with the fire of ambition burning in every eye. Everyone was there to achieve something BIG. Mediocrity was ridiculed harshly.

Where is the enjoyment? What about the celebratory lives they showed in the movies? Where was all that? When I stepped onto the corridor of my hostel, when I looked either way, all I got to see were girls walking up and down in front of their rooms reading from their text books, memorizing stuff, discussing potential questions with their classmates…like how depressing! 😦 And I had stupidly thought that college hostels would be like this after college hours….bah!


None of that happened.

We didn’t have students coming to college like this…


We had strict dress codes. And flirting was prohibited! There were no cutesy couples hanging out openly in college corridors or breaking into a song and dance sequence either!

Yeah, I was fooled alright. Blah!

Oh and in case you’re wondering what my college actually looked like, take a look here – Raakhee Venugopal’s answer to Which university has the most beautiful campus in India?

It was breathtakingly beautiful! And way more grandiose than any of the colleges they showed in the movies. So I guess it was okay 😀

What are some things films have led us to believe, that are actually not true?


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