Why do some women grow more beautiful during pregnancy and others don’t?

 Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

There is an old wives tale attached to this where I come from. My mom tells me that senior women often predicted the sex of the baby by looking at the face of the mother-to-be. And they were seldom wrong 😉

Rule of Thumb:

If it’s a boy, she would look radiant like the sun, only to look tired and worn out after the delivery.

If it’s a girl, she’d look tired and worn out during the pregnancy but attains a beautiful glow post-delivery.

This was largely true in the case of my own mom when she was preggers with my sister. My parents didn’t go for a sex-determination test as they wanted to keep up the suspense as it had been with me. But when I look at the album pics of my heavily pregnant mom, she looks like she’d not slept for a day. She looks tired and fatigued.

The pics of her on the day of my sister’s naming ceremony on the 28th day after birth tells a totally different story. My mom looks unimaginably beautiful in the photographs. Wish I had some pics to show.

Look at H.H. The Duchess of Cambridge during her pregnancy

Doesn’t she look like a million bucks? ❤

This is just after she had Prince George…

She looks weary and in dire need of some rest.

And this was during her second pregnancy…

Yeah, she still looks stunning! But exhausted. And definitely drained out.

Remember how much she looked like the morning sun when she stepped out for the first time holding a rosy Princess Charlotte?

There you go! 😀

The oldies back home say that if it’s a girl on the way, a lot of the ‘mother’s beauty‘ is sucked up by the rapidly growing princess inside, leaving her looking not-so-good externally. Boy babies are physically more active while inside the womb and hence the blood flow of the mother also increases, giving her that famous ‘pregnancy glow’ that automatically makes her look more beautiful 🙂

It could be an old wives’ tale, but it sure sounds sweet, and I’d like to believe it too! ^_^

Why do some women grow more beautiful during pregnancy and others don’t?


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  1. Nice perspective dear:)

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    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 Some old wives’ tales are so cute that you wish there were some scientific proofs to validate them ^_^

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  2. SUGANTHI says:

    To be honest with you I never knew the old wives tale about the glow factor.. hmm with two girls now ,I will have to check my photos to see if there was a difference.. I never bothered to look Kate’s “glow” so closely before and after her pregnancy as i was amazed at the way she carried herself post her delivery in the Hospital photos..nice observation there about her glow…


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