What does Ramayan tell us? Has it teachings too?

Thank you for the A2A.

The Ramayana was set in an ideal period when the demarcation of right and wrong were very clear. A person and his deeds were right or they were wrong. There was no in-between as is seen the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata has more ‘teachings’ because of this. The knowledge it expounds is very relevant to our current society. The Ramayana does tell us some very important life truths, but they aren’t as many as can be seen in the Mahabharata.

Shri Ram

Righteousness is of utmost importance, even if it means sacrificing what one holds dear to the heart. Either you live for your family or you live for the society. There is no choice.

Devi Sita

Epitomizes the concept of how an ideal woman should be – chaste, courageous and never compromising on her principles under any circumstance.

Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughan

Shows the unconditional love of brotherhood in different ways – sacrifice, selflessness & loyalty


Another side of an ideal woman (as Devi Sita’s sister), who cooperates with her husband for the fruitful execution of his duties without any complaints. True love does not need the two individuals to be in physical proximity of each other. It remains strong even if they don’t see each other for 14 years! ^_^


Never make promises without thinking of the consequences


Selfishness takes you nowhere


He is compared to the human mind. Supremely powerful, playful, and once He attached Himself to His Lord (Shri Ram), He is the most loyal devotee who cannot remain even for a second without thinking of His Lord’s name. Hanuman has a curse on him that he will never be aware of His own power unless somebody reminds Him of it. Many human minds are like that. We do not know what our minds are capable of unless we are reminded of it.


Great intelligence is of no use if it is not used properly. Raavan was an extremely knowledgeable person whose path went awry because of his arrogance. Arrogance takes you nowhere but to your own doom.

Kumbhakarn, Meghanad, Maricha

Even if one has a good heart, loyalty to those who do wrong leads one to their doom as well.


When one realizes that one’s peers are on the wrong path, it is advisable to break away from them and remain on the path of righteousness, even if it means severing ties.


Protecting an evil person by virtue of one’s own good deeds is not a permanent solution. Some day or the other, everyone has to pay back for their misdeeds.

Bali & Sugreev

Misunderstandings can cause the downfall of great bonds and make people behave cruelly.

What does Ramayan tell us? Has it teachings too?


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