How can I motivate my friends in this overwhelming social media to become avid readers?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

Thank you for the A2A.

I grew up in an environment where reading was given a lot of importance to. So it was only natural that I grew up to be an avid reader. While growing up, exchanging books and speed reading were all a normal sight. With the advent of social media, it was saddening to see how so many people had quit their reading habit.

One day I decided to do something about this. I messaged a handful of friends who I knew were bookworms once upon a time. I asked them if they’d like to be a part of an online book-club. I promised to email them one eBook every Sunday. And to my utter joy, all of them pitched in. Some were happy to join but expressed a doubt as to whether they would be able to squeeze in reading into their already busy schedules. I didn’t force them to do anything. I told them that I’ll send the eBooks to them anyway and that they could download and read it anytime they wished.

I am a picky reader and I choose a book only after a lot of deliberation. I am also a chronic book hoarder and my current eBook count goes beyond 700 titles 😀 I began a group mail setup and started sending eBooks, complete with a brief synopsis and an Amazon rating. The eBook club started off fine and after the first two weeks or so, I started to get messages thanking me for being the ultimate book angel and for bringing people back to the world of books. People started to find time to read…on the way to work, at bedtime, at the salon, everywhere. As per my advice, almost all of them had a copy of the current book they were reading on all their devices – smartphone, tab, PC, laptop, etc. – so that they could access it anywhere, any time. A friend took up a 100-book challenge last year and she said she could complete it largely due to me. 🙂

Slowly, word got around and more friends messaged me with their email addresses asking me to include them to my group mail. I make it a point not to add strangers. Despite that, today, the group size is over 60 people. And I’m super-thrilled 🙂

That reminds me…it’s Sunday today. I need to send out today’s eBook before the messages start pouring in 😀

How can I motivate my friends in this overwhelming social media to become avid readers?


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