All religions are paths to God/Brahman/Tao/Allah. What do you make of this statement?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

Many moons ago, a colleague tried to talk me into converting to his faith. He wasn’t aggressive…but he was trying to reason with me as to why I think my faith is better than his which is probably what was making me to stay put.

I told him that I don’t think any faith is better than another one. And I stated the same sentence quoted in the question…that religion is but a path to lead unto the Almighty. He still insisted that his path is THE best.

I scribbled a picture like this on a post-it and showed it to him…

Every morning, we leave home to come to work. We all take different routes depending on where we live and depending on what is the best way to commute. In my case, maybe I have to pick a colleague on my way. So I have to take a certain route. Or maybe I know a shortcut. Or maybe I enjoy the morning seaside drive. It’s my prerogative to choose what route I take to reach work. Probably the route from his house to work is filled with beautiful trees and flowers, etc. And he thinks his route is THE best route.But is it really feasible to ask all his colleagues to come to his house and take the same route he takes? Basically, we all have to reach office. It doesn’t matter what route you take as long as you reach the workplace. Colleague 3 stays a stone’s throw away from work. Won’t it sound stupid if I ask him to come over to my town that’s like 15km away just so that he can enjoy the seaside drive to work every morning? What do I know of what his preferences are? Who am I to advise him? Maybe his route is filled with potholes and he has to drive right through a shantytown-like area. But to him, that’s the best route to get to work. It’s his choice!

My colleague looked at the picture for a long time and said “Probably you’re right. As long as we are aware of other routes, I guess it should be left to the commuter what route he/she wishes to take. For our ultimate goal is the same anyway.” 🙂

I smiled in satisfaction. Once people realize this simple concept, things won’t be so complicated around the world, IMHO.

All religions are paths to God/Brahman/Tao/Allah. What do you make of this statement?

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