How can a man judge a woman in an arranged marriage meeting?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

It’s not easy to judge the man either. But that part is taken care of by the family 😉 Usually, in an arranged marriage scenario, if the prospective bride and groom have reached the stage of ‘meeting’ each other, then it goes without saying that a lot of homework has already been completed by both families. Background checks, horoscope matching (in case of Hindus), educational checks, financial compatibility, etc.


It’s only after ensuring all those factors are okay that a prospective couple are usually allowed to meet each other. This is usually to judge each others external appearance…how good they look, how well they carry themselves, how politely they behave, etc., and also to see if they have common interests and things they could talk about. Such meetings are usually very short (if they get 15 minutes, they are lucky!) and under the sly watch of the families.


Both the girl and the boy are extremely self-conscious knowing fully well that their every move is being scrutinized, leading to many awkward and hilarious situations 😀6a_1405940723

Back in the days, this was the only meeting allowed prior to marriage. But now, couples are encouraged to interact with each other more (within limits, of course) so that they reach a comfort level with each other before the big day.

Of course, if you’re already not all sweaty-palmed, you could go in for an in-your-face talk like this…but I have serious doubts if this happens in real life.

You need to have nerves of steel if you were to have a talk like this with somebody you’re meeting for the very first time :-/

Then again, it’s all a part of the game anyway 🙂 And all these things make up for things we talk and laugh about 20 years down the line ^_^

How can a man judge a woman in an arranged marriage meeting?



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