Do South Indian guys like North Indian women?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

Thank you for the A2A.


I am a South Indian girl and I am going to attempt to answer this question based on inputs I have received from my brothers and my friends. None of what I am going to say is in any way representative of ALL South Indian men. This refers to the opinions from just the small circle that I am a part of.

I’d like to take two stances to answer this question.

#1 – The Star of your dreams

As models and movie actresses, South Indian men absolutely adore North Indian women. It’s a fact well known that lithe figures and fair skin are a craze down south. Even if they don’t understand the language completely, one would not be surprised to see a packed cinema hall in Kochi to watch a movie like ‘Fitoor’. The reason…is only this…


Our boys think Katrina Kaif is a goddess descended from the heavens above, and they’re willing to spend their money just to see her glide across the screen…never mind the acting or the story line or even the hero, for that matter.


Other heartthrobs include Kareena Kapoor…

Priyanka Chopra…

And Deepika Padukone, who is technically a south Indian but our boys choose to ignore that fact.

Our boys love them…adore them…and dream wildly about them. But that’s about it. There’s nothing beyond that. They know that quite well. Stars they are, stars they remains. Faraway…distant…unreachable…yet, breathtakingly beautiful!

#2 – The One you take home to Amma

A south Indian guy in my college had this HUGE crush on a Delhi girl who was our junior. She was pretty, she was smart,she got good grades. We girls used to hear the dissuading arguments put forth by his gang whenever the topic of this ‘crush’ popped up.

You won’t be able to handle her, da….they are very different from our girls.

You think she’s going to gel in with your household? She will surely find our customs and traditions stifling. After a while, things will get ugly. Our girls will not need any such ‘adjustment’ period. Our traditions are as much theirs as they are ours.

This is just a crush. You’ll get over it. Don’t think too much about it.

There was a hidden fear factor in all those statements. Though they were not admitting it, they had a feeling that north Indian girls would boss them down.

North Indian girls are perceived as being more powerful and intimidating than their more docile and homely south Indian sisters – though there are glaring exceptions to this perception. I have myself seen many cases where south Indian men behave like pussycats in front of their wives, even in public places.

The last thing they would want to be referred to would be ‘henpecked’! And it is this fear that acts as a firewall against south Indian boys readily pursuing north Indian women.

But then again, I personally know two couples – both of them with a south Indian man & a north Indian woman – who fell hopelessly in love, got married and are leading such happy lives together. One of the girls, a Punjabi, is obsessed with everything related to Kerala, thanks to her very Malayali husband 😀 So there are exceptions…but that’s what they are…EXCEPTIONS.

Do South Indian guys like North Indian women?

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