What are some must-read books for Indian women?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

Thank you for the A2A.

My Vote#1 would go to ‘Ladies Coupe’ by Anita Nair.

Although a lot of people might disagree with me, I have always believed that feminism in India is at a different level than feminism in the rest of the world. And this book renders a healthy dose of just that…Indian feminism. Each one of us have our own ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ stuff, depending on our situation in life and in society. What is acceptable to one may be unacceptable to another, and vice versa. And we don’t have a problem with that either. This richness…this potpourri…this wonderful myriad of emotions has been wonderfully captured by Anita Nair in this masterpiece. A definitely worthy read…especially by Indian women.

Vote#2 would be for ‘Ancient Promises’ by Jaishree Misra

How many Indian women do we know that have actually escaped the shackles of a miserable marriage? Not many. Most choose to stay on despite being perpetually unhappy, fearing social backlash. Jaishree Misra’s semi-autobiographical novel touches this very subject that is verily a raw nerve in many an Indian woman’s soul. Every Indian woman would know of at least one woman who refuses to walk out of a marriage our of fear of society. ‘Ancient Promises’ is sure to touch your soul in an unprecedented way. This book may not be as relatable to non-Indians as it would be for Indians…especially women.

Vote#3 goes to ‘Daughters of Shame’ by Jasvinder Sanghera

Honor killings. This book is all about a world that is in equal measure scary and believable. This book talks about regular people you see on the street, at the workplace, at cafes…who metamorphose into either monsters or victims behind closed doors. What’s the point in being a world citizen if one cannot expand one’s horizon mentally? I would have believed it if somebody were to tell me that religious zealots practiced honor killings. But this book talks about normal people…people you would have not an iota of doubt about…people who laugh and joke with you and pass you genial smiles turn into tyrants who do not even flinch when they slit the throat of their only daughter in the name of honor 😥

What are some must-read books for Indian women?


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