What are your favorite restaurants?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

I’m not one to go to fancy restaurants just for the fact that it’s considered to be cool. My choice of restaurants is based on the quality of food served. I thoroughly enjoy what I eat and bland food from a snazzy restaurant is just not my thing. So here’s my little list…

Kerala, India

Ceylon Bake House, Ernakulam

This is an old favorite among natives of Ernakulam. Their chilly chicken and parotta combo is legendary!

Sapphire Hotel, Thrissur

This places bustles with activity from opening time until closing time. They serve one of the best biryanis I have ever had! Amazing place!

Paragon Restaurant, Kozhikode

Ask any native of Kozhikode and they would swear by the food they serve at Paragon 😀 Paragon is to Kozhikode what Sapphire is to Thrissur and what Ceylon Bake House is to Ernakulam. This is the ultimate place to go to for authentic Kozhikode biriyani!

Andhra Pradesh/Telangana, India

Paradise Hotel, Secunderabad

Paradise is more of a sentiment for natives of Hyderabad. For Hyderabadi biryani, this is THE place to go to. Located in the plush Banjara Hills area, it is a favorite haunt of celebrities ranging from Telugu movie stars to politicians and cricketers. Wonderful ambiance, wonderful service and equally amazing food. Two thumbs up!

Hotel Shadab, Hyderabad

This is a quaint place located very close to the Charminar area. This is one of the city’s best places for Hyderabadi haleem, a dish that is a hot favorite among the natives here.

Tamil Nadu, India

Anjappar Restaurant, Chennai

Tamil Nadu is dotted with branches of this famous restaurant chain. They have branches overseas as well. I’d recommend Anjappar to anyone looking for traditional and authentic Chettinad cuisine.

Saravana Bhavan, Chennai

THE place for some amazing and fresh breakfast. These guys open pretty early and their service is brisk and efficient. Oh, and the food is totally amazing. As it’s a pure vegetarian restaurant, we usually visit here just for breakfast.

Annapoorna Gowrisankar, Coimbatore

The Coimbatore equivalent of Chennai’s Saravana Bhavan. Teeming crowds move in and out continuously in all branches of Annapoorna Gowrisankar. They serve affordable and delicious traditional south Indian food.

Karnataka, India

Kamat Hotel, Bangalore

My affinity towards this restaurant is largely due to some fond childhood memories. My dad is still a huge fan of Kamat Hotel and he says he doesn’t mind travelling all the way to Majestic Area just to have a decent meal from Kamat’s ^_^ Strictly vegetarian, strictly south Indian. Thank you.

Tibbs Frankie, Bangalore 😛

And this is where I binge on frankies and whatnot. The only reason I don’t grumble when we go to Commercial Street is the prospect of relishing Tibb’s amazing Bombay Frankies as a part of the deal. There’s a little coffee shop next door where we get amazing cold coffee. Yum and yummy! ❤

What are your favorite restaurants?


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