What do you think is the most delicious food with the healthiest nutrition?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

My vote would go to the simple idli.

Idli is a south Indian breakfast item. A batter is made out of rice, split black lentils and fenugreek seeds soaked overnight. It is then left to ferment for about 6 hours. This is how it looks after fermenting…

The batter is then steamed in an idli cooker to make little steamed rice cakes that can be paired with any chutney. Here’s a pic of an idli-cooker…

Here’s the nutritional info about the idli sourced from Wikipedia (yup, they have a page on Idlis! :D)

Nutritional value per 1 piece (30 gm)

Here’s a pic of how idli is usually served – with sambar, chutney & vada…

🙂 🙂 🙂



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