Why do many Indians want to leave India?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

Thank you for the A2A.

Being an NRI myself, I could tell you about the scene in the Middle East where I grew up and currently live. There are multiple reasons why a lot of Indians leave India. Do they really want to leave? I don’t know about that. But about those who do, these are the prime reasons…

#1 – Financial gains

This is the numero uno reason why a lot of Indians choose to leave their home and families behind and move to foreign shores. The main reason the Middle East is an NRI magnet is specifically this. The system of income tax does not exist in any of the Gulf countries and hence all the money earned is pumped back home. And the paychecks are definitely more handsome. No arguments there!

#2 – Luxuries

Everything seems to be a lot cheaper than what it is back home. One does not think twice before buying a Subway sandwich or a Baskin Robbins’ ice cream. Again, because there are no taxes involved, the prices are affordable, to say the least. And to live life king-size, you need to pay about half of what you’d need to pay if you wanted the same thing from India. Because taxes! -_-

#3 – Security

I don’t know how things are in the western world, but here in the middle east, I know I can walk alone on the street at 1am without the fear of getting attacked or robbed. The reason is the zero-tolerance attitude of the government here to crimes against women…or crimes in general. Yes, I agree that the punishments are harsh. But it is the fear of those very punishments that deter people from turning into monsters at the first given opportunity.

Here, a woman’s word is final. If she says somebody touched her inappropriately or made a pass at her or had any invasion of her privacy, the police do not even wait to hear the side of the man. He is hand-cuffed and escorted away immediately. In most cases, it may end up in deportation from the country with a no-entry ban for 2 years. Fearing this, men take special care not to even look at women in a bad way.

#4 – Facilities

Schools and universities are much better equipped. The roads are gutter-less and well-maintained. The whole country is kept spotlessly clean with no garbage left to rot or paan spit on walls. Heavy fines are levied for littering. There are no strikes or political agitations. Everything is available at fingertips. Alcohol permits are available only to well-paid non-Muslims which aids in putting a strict tab on alcohol influenced crimes. Drunken driving is a severe offence and the punishment is extremely harsh.

When Indians based in India hear about all these, it’s only natural to feel that it’s a better life out there. And so they go all out to try to move abroad. Everyone talks only about the rosy side of things though. Being away from family for long periods and missing out on all those social functions are a painful part of the deal we make when we move abroad. As they say, no gains without pains.

Why do many Indians want to leave India?


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