Why is “overrated” a subjective term?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal

Thank you for the A2A.

You are absolutely correct. It is indeed a subjective and a highly relative term. What may seem to be overrated for one person may not be so for some others. In my opinion, it is wrong to have a common classification of ‘overrated’ things/pleasures/luxuries/whatever.

There is a very popular question here on Quora to list out the most overrated things ever. What are the most overrated things in life?

When each one of us go through the Wiki list there, I’m sure we’d observe that at least 40% of those should not be there. And that 40% would vary from individual to individual.

A person who is away from his family for long periods of time would consider every minute spent with them to be the best time ever. It becomes a luxury and something they look forward to. But a person who is living with his family may not feel the same way. So they’d think that ‘Time spent with family’ is a overrated pleasure.

‘Formal education’ has been mentioned as an overrated thing in that list. In India, where I come from, getting a formal education is a privilege a lot of children don’t have. For them, it is not overrated at all. Ditto about money, about owning a home…there are so many things.

A person born with a silver spoon might see a lot of things as being ‘overrated’, but not someone who has been through tough times.

Some people think certain musicians and movie actors are overrated. It’s their choice if people want to adore those celebrities. Who are these people to get all judgemental and brand these celebrities as being ‘overrated’?

Whether something/someone is overrated or not is nothing but a personal opinion and does not/should not reflect the sentiments of the entire society.

Why is “overrated” a subjective term?


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