Which state in India has the most beautiful people (men and women)?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion.


Personally, I think the women of Karnataka and Bengal are the prettiest. Their beauty quotients are, however, at two ends of the rainbow 😀

Kannadiga girls are generally fair complexioned, lithe beauties with (mysteriously) pretty hands. All the Kannadiga girls I have come across till date have hands worthy of being on Vaseline ads! And I have no clue why this is so! O.o Besides this, they are generally lean and fairly tall. I think they look stunning.

Bengali girls are daughters of Mother Earth Herself. They are the true Gaia’s children 🙂 Beautiful dusky skin, sharp feminine features, dark hair and large expressive eyes. It’s hard to resist a Bong’s innate charm. Being a Keralite, I feel a surge of pride when I hear someone say that Bengali and Malayalee women look similar.



Hands down!

I have no other contenders for this. Be it Punjabi Sikhs, Punjabi Hindus, Punjabi Muslims, whatever…they all look equally handsome. Tall, muscular and with the sharpest features ever. Some of these guys have jawlines that could possibly give you a paper-cut if you ran your finger along them 😛 (Okay,that went a tad overboard…anyway) Oh and I also think that they have the best hair in the country! Soft straight hair that fall stylishly on their foreheads. *swoon*

Which state in India has the most beautiful people (men and women)?

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