What is that one thing that you want to change in Indians?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Elevator Etiquette

This is something I have seen missing in many places in India. People get in, try to stand as close as possible to the door, everyone faces everyone else and the stare-fest starts. Riding elevators would be such a peaceful exercise if people got in, went to the back and faced forward!

And we all could do with a little less staring…especially at such close quarters.

The Trashy Problem

Indian people keep their homes neat and tidy. Most houses will have dedicated servants scrubbing and sweeping to keep the furniture and mantelpieces spotlessly clean and smelling of coziness.

But people are not bothered about how the world looks beyond their compound walls. As long as their home and their compound looks spotless, it’s perfectly fine. Throw the trash out on the street, into the neighbor’s compound, anywhere.

The Wedding Itch

So every time…I mean every single time…a rich man’s son or daughter gets married, there’s this bunch of Indians who come out of nowhere and say things on social media like there is no need for spending so much money, spend it on poor people, spend it on this, spend it on that. Financial advice for somebody several times richer than themselves pours in from everywhere, unsolicited.

Some time ago, NRI businessman Ravi Pillai conducted a lavish wedding for his daughter. It was the talk of the entire state. He shut the mud slingers though by conducting a mass marriage for around 250+ young couples and donating a large sum of money towards medical aid for cancer patients. In spite of all this, he was criticized for the extravagance. He was criticized for the fact that his daughter wore only diamond jewellery. He was criticized for the opulence. He was criticized saying that he has earned all that wealth by dirty means 😮 It made me wonder…is there any limit to human envy/jealousy?

If the same person conducts a simple wedding for his son/daughter with minimal festivities, minimum gold and a simple feast, then people would say things like ‘See he has only one daughter. What a shoddy way to conduct a wedding! What a miser! Is he so poor?’ -_-

It makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and ask…


I understand what Ryan Gosling went through in that scene from ‘The Notebook’…



What is that one thing that you want to change in Indians?


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