What country’s people wear sarees, except India?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Sarees are worn by women in most of the countries of south east Asia.

India is home to the maximum varieties of sarees and saree draping styles.

This is the traditional way of wearing a saree in Sri Lanka.

In Pakistan, the saree is draped in exactly the same way as it is done in India…the most popular style, that is. This is a picture of Pakistani model Mehreen Syed sporting a gorgeous saree…

These are some women from Nepal dressed for the festival of Teej

Here is a lovely lady from Bangladesh in a saree

The saree was a popular attire of the women of Myanmar until a couple of generations ago. Some old ladies still prefer to wear the saree over the longyi.

Thanks to large immigrant Indian population in Malaysia, the saree has become quite popular there as well. This is a picture from a pageant held in Malaysia in 2013 for the title of Miss Saree Malaysia!

This is Singapore‘s Miss Vasantham 2011, Vimala Velu sporting a saree.

The saree has become an acceptable formal attire in most societies. Thanks to it’s alluring style, even western women have taken to wearing them at times.


What country’s people wear sarees, except India?


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