What have you learnt from fiction that you could not have learnt from real life soon enough?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

As a person who reads more than watching TV, my answer would largely be from a literature perspective…with a select few from cinema. So here goes…

Harry Potter Series

  • There indeed is a thing called ‘true friendship’
  • It’s okay to break rules once in a while
  • Racism sucks big time
  • If you don’t face your fears, they’re going to torment you all your life
  • Do not judge a book by its cover

Twilight Saga

  • “Like everything in life, I just had to decide what to do with what I was given. (…) I’ve done the best I could, with what I had to work with.” – Carlisle Cullen, New Moon
  • Life choices can be utterly and devastatingly confusing…but go with what your heart wants.

The Hobbit & the Lord Of The Rings series

  • The power of focus. Every character created by Tolkien has the ability to focus on a single (or multiple) aim and they never tire until they achieve it.
  • Having a good leader is very important for a team to function properly.
  • It is very easy to get corrupted by great power. Stay simple. Stay safe.
  • There is always a positive side to everything and everyone.

Pride & Prejudice

  • First impression isn’t always the best impression.
  • Intelligence is extremely attractive
  • An intelligent woman should never tolerate a disrespectful man…no matter how rich he is.
  • Fickle-mindedness is an occasional human trait…not just a feminine one.

Gone With The Wind

  • Every woman deserves to be told this by the right man → “No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.”
  • A woman can make it big in a man’s world
  • Always value your homeland
  • Strive to be a phoenix that rises out of the ashes it was burnt into.

The Other Boleyn Girl

  • Ends do NOT justify means
  • Power corrupts even the gentlest of souls
  • Never underestimate the love of a sister

The Duchess

  • Being the eternal optimist does not always help you go the distance.
  • Neither does being the eternal realist, for that matter.

The next two aren’t strictly fiction. They are the two most sacred works of Hinduism.

The Ramayana

Raakhee V. Menon’s answer to What does Ramayan tell us? Has it teachings too?

The Mahabharata

  • Never covet that which is not yours to claim (Duryodhana)
  • Half knowledge can be a dangerous thing (Abhimanyu)
  • Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,
    Ma Karmaphalaheturbhurma Te Sangostvakarmani
    I have power only over my actions, I have no rights to the fruits of my actions. I shall get what I truly deserve.
  • Never judge anyone on the basis of their birth…for we never know what greatness lies within them (Karna)

What have you learnt from fiction that you could not have learnt from real life soon enough?


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