How should I impress a Punjabi boy?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

I’m still laughing here reading your question. I don’t know if it is because of the thought of a Telugu girl wishing to marry a Punjabi boy, or if it is out of wondering why a Malayali girl like me was A2A-ed on this question 😛

Anyway, with all due respect to all the Punjabi men I have known and on here on Quora, I take the plunge…


Punjabi men are a feisty lot. Boisterous and aggressive manliness is a natural trait of theirs. To match them, you need to be equally feisty or a tad more, I’d say. Why do you think Punjabi girls are fire crackers on two legs?


Quite unlike their south Indian sisters. Our girls are demure, shy and soft-spoken…well, at least most of them are. And this is what we’re raised on to believe…that a woman ought to be shy and talk politely and all that jazz. Loud women are rare to come by.


And why would they need to be otherwise when our men are like this…?


They are equally reserved and quiet…generally speaking, that is.

Okay so if you’ve ticked that off, i.e., you think you could match up to the trademark Punjabi boisterousness, let’s move on the next important part of the check list.


Punjabi culture is quite different from Telugu culture. You will know what I mean if you have watched or read Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Two States’.


Finding a grey area where both of you are comfortable is going to be a tough call.

Let’s suppose you found the grey area as well. Next comes family!


The Punjabi girls I mentioned earlier metamorphose into Punjabi mummies eventually. And if they have a munda they’re mighty proud of, then you better be truly deserving of her son. It’s very very difficult to get a nod of approval from a Punjabi mother. In her eyes, her bachha is the best thing to have happened to this world and it has to be very best girl in the world who will be the other important woman in his life. Anything or anybody substandard to her cautious eyes will receive the coldest shoulder ever encountered.

And if you fall in her bad books, which you most probably would, as you are not a Punjabi in the first place, then God save you! 😛

Good luck, anyhow! 😀

How should I impress a Punjabi boy?


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