What makes Quora so enjoyable for you?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Being on Quora and answering questions makes me feel like this…


And like how cool is that? And that’s why I answer every A2A with ‘Thank you for the A2A’ 😀

I get asked to answer random question on a bevy of topics by totally random people, which makes my brain work in multiple directions at the same time. I get an average of 7 to 10 A2As per day. So while answering one question, somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m already framing the answer for the next one.

Quora has taught me to talk in a more politically correct manner, thanks to its stringent BNBR policy. It has taught me to be more open minded and to accept the fact that another individual will never be able to see life as you see it from your exact viewpoint at any given point of time. This holds true literally and figuratively. Their views about life and the world would never be exactly identical to mine. Their views and ideologies are based on what life has thrown at them. How can I expect everyone else to think like me if we have had different experiences in life? I am more accommodating to others’ viewpoints, whether I personally agree to them or not.

Writing has always been a passion for me and I have created and killed off many blogs. Quora throws open the horizons by making me answer questions on subjects I would never have thought of writing about. And I find myself delving deeper into the subjects, rummaging through internet articles to find more info to add to what I already now and to substantiate them with evidence as well.

It would not have been possible otherwise to know so much in detail about a certain topic I like. After all, how many internet articles can one read? Reading answers to specific pointed questions is a wonderful exercise. When I read some of the answers written by Thomas Snerdley, I find myself going back to the books to read it all over again 😀 Some people go so deep into some subjects that it’s perfectly fair to call them Gurus! 😀

I get to practice my writing too ^_^ People hardly write letters to each other these days and I was growing sick of this era of instant messaging. Quora is one place with does not exactly appreciate brevity in its answers. It expects people to elaborate. And I find a lot of enjoyment in answering questions elaborately 🙂

The supportive messages I get from people from all parts of the world appreciating me for my writing is overwhelming. I could not have expected this much of a reach if I had remained with just blogging. And I have found myself a handful of very nice people I call friends 🙂

Quora has enriched my life. Oh yes, it has. 🙂

What makes Quora so enjoyable for you?


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