What is your favorite book, and what character, or person did you like best and why?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you so much for the A2A. I thought nobody would ask me this question 😀

My most favorite book (of the hundreds of books I have read thus far) is undoubtedly Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice

I have read the book at least 6 times, if not more.

The character I liked the most in it is someone I personally relate to the most as well.

Jane Bennett.

Being the eldest in my family as well, I know the position she holds and what it means to be there. She is often described as being soft-spoken and kind and of mild manners, quite unlike her younger and more firebrand sisters, notably Elizabeth. She is incorruptibly good-natured. She always looks for the best in people, even if there is very little to be found, and always gives them the benefit of the doubt. She just refuses to believe that the world can be a bad place. I do the same…to a fault. My younger sister, who is quite the personification of Elizabeth Bennet herself, is my biggest supporter. Though I am shyer and less clever than her, I am certainly the more mild-mannered one of the two of us. Like Lizzie tries to bring in some sense into naive Jane’s head, my sister thinks that I really should not be so trusting of people. Oh well :-/ Like Jane does to Elizabeth, I try to keep her flaming temper in check and try to find the positive side to everything and everyone. And yes, we’re the best of friends…just like Lizzie and Jane ^_^

Now if every man in the room does not end the evening in love with you then I am no judge of beauty.‘…a sentence that immortalized Jane’s ethereal beauty forever! And yet, she is unassuming and the least proud of her beauty, despite what people around her tell her. It’s like compliments bounce off her skin. I could relate…totally.


Jane Bennett it is…all the way! ^_^

What is your favorite book, and what character, or person did you like best and why?


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