What do you see when you think of rain?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

When I think of rain, my heart and soul first soar up high in an imaginary sky…whizzing among rain clouds like Aladdin on his magic carpet.

I see me going on a slow long drive…alone, of course. I don’t like it when people talk incessantly about unimportant worldly matters when there is so much beauty all around. So I would prefer to be alone…or with someone who enjoys silence as much as I do.

I see me listening to my favorite ‘rain songs’…a ritual I have been observing since years.

I see my cat finding every reason to cuddle and curl up on my lap.

I see me sipping on a cup of hot chocolate while staring out the window and listening to the drops doing their pitter-patter on the window sill.

I see other people standing by their windows and enjoying the same view as I am.

I see me day dreaming of every possible dream in the most beautiful ways ^_^

I see me being reminded of every picture of kissing in the rain ^_^ *sigh*

I see me taking in the smell of freshly drenched earth…which can be a heady fragrance if it is mud. Did you know it’s got a name?

I see me holding my open palm outside to feel the rain drops on my hands, and following their route down my forearm only to drip onto the floor from the tip of my elbow.

I see me getting startled at the sudden clap of thunder and grinning to myself when there’s lightning, reminding myself of the same lame joke I have been telling myself since I was five… “The Gods are clicking pictures because the earth looks so pretty when it’s raining” ^_^

I see me trying to strike the classic pose on an armchair by the window with a book in hand and a cup of coffee…but being distracted by the sights outside and being unable to concentrate on what I’m reading.

I see the whole world being washed clean with one enormous shower, making the grass and the leaves on trees glisten in their various hues of green, the roads looking blacker than black, the flowers looking like they’ve been freshly showered with morning dew…the whole world looks so visually appealing.

I see the only instance when something grey signifies hope and happiness…peace and good tidings…smiles and giggles.

I see only goodness when I think of rain.

What do you see when you think of rain?


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