How are you different from your parents?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Looks wise, I look like somebody made a morphed image of my mom’s face and my dad’s face superimposed upon each other 😀

But when it comes to character, I don’t even seem like I am their daughter 😛


They like typical traditional south Indian food, had over three square meals every day.

I prefer north Indian cuisine and I’m the type that eats when hungry.


They like to watch Malayalam movies. Tamil movies if the director is Bharathiraja or Maniratnam.

I prefer watching English and Hindi movies.


Mom is an artist. She paints.

I…umm…well…I write. *sheepish grin* Oh and I read too!


The reason I look like the way I do now is because of my mom’s cooking. She is my personal Nigella Lawson 😀 She cooks as a passion.

The reason why the kitchen still looks usable is because I don’t use it much 😛 I cook for survival.


Both of them use their mobiles or telephones to communicate with people.

Talking on the phone is one of the things I completely detest. My longest phone call would have been for 3 (torturous) minutes! :-S


Mom still keeps in touch with her friends right from kindergarten till college and afterwards. Dad has old friends from I don’t know when.

My friends are like sailing ships. They come and go. Some stay docked for a while, but eventually set sail.

Brand Consciousness

Both of them are very brand conscious and believe in quality over quantity.

I am least brand conscious and could live off street wear for the rest of my life 😀

Social etiquette

My mom is a favorite among family and friends. She keeps crowds engaged with her engaging way of keeping the conversation alive.

Large crowds make my lips get stuck to each other with superglue. 😐


Their idea of travel and visiting new places is mainly to enjoy the scenery and the weather.

My idea of seeing new places is to visit the museums and heritage sites of the place.


Them – Mohammed Rafi, Yesudas, Jagjit Singh, KSChitra, Ilayaraja, BoneyM, ABBA

Me – Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Beyonce, Arijit Singh, Ankit Tiwari, KK, Neeti Mohan, Neha Bhasin

Green Chili

They ask for their pizza to be topped with extra green chili! o.O

I can’t stand the taste of raw green chili. Ack! >.<

And yet we laugh at the same jokes, we enjoy having pappadam with slices of coconuts, we love our cats and the rains to a fault, we are all coffee people and we love each other unconditionally ^_^

And yes it happens to me too. Sometimes when I’m angry, I open my mouth and my mom comes out of it 😛

How are you different from your parents?


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