What do you love to do when traveling to India?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

When I travel to India, there’s always a new place that we visit. So I carry two books with me – a journal and a palm-sized tiny notebook.

The journal is where I write mini accounts of where I’ve been. It could cover a lot of things – timings of local attractions, main market areas, travel times and distances and all sorts of little bits of information. Sometimes I stick tickets and pictures from travel catalogs found at hotel receptions into my journal. The writing isn’t always in a detailed way but I would understand what I’d written even if I look at it ten years later. It looks a lot like this…

I am seldom equipped well enough when I travel to make my journal look so fancy. So I’m often forced to put in my own little decorations and doodles wherever I can. Oh and I have hand-drawn maps in my journal to several places. The way to the local lassi joint. The tiny shop in the corner that sells wonderful kurtis. The restaurant that serves the town’s best aloo parathas. The place where I saw the roadside bookseller. And so on.

The little palm sized book is for jotting down names, addresses and numbers of important shops that I intend to visit later. It might be located in an obscure corner of a sprawling local market and I might not remember the name of the shop or its location for the life of me if I were asked about it say a couple of months later. So I write down the address from the shop’s name board and make a note of what they sell. Helps a lot. This has become a regular thing now.

This way, I am not disconnected with my writing even when I’m traveling. I’m not so much of a photography person and I click very few pictures. While visiting new places, there’s so much to write about! And it’s even more fun to flip through the memories once you’re back after the vacation.


Here’s a pic of my current travel buddies…

The biggest journal in the pic, the white one and the one with the blackish grey cover were modified by me 🙂 Those are not their original covers 🙂

What do you love to do when traveling to India?


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