What, in life, is not as good as it used to be?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

The Idea of Attractiveness

While I was growing up, people viewed other people as being physically attractive by an entirely different yardstick than what they do now.

Manliness had a totally different meaning back then. It was considered ultra masculine to have a slick moustache and/or a facial stubble, to have natural muscles, to have neatly kept hair, to smell of musk and after-shave and cologne, to dress impressively. This is pretty much my idea of manliness even today.

When a man was appreciated for being masculine, macho or manly, this is what ‘manly’ looked like back then…

Men were classy. They spoke eloquently. They carried themselves with grace. And oh they laughed their trademark manly full-throated laugh.

Well…what just happened? -_-

If you look at any of these ‘heart-throbs’ that women go ga-ga over these days, all you’ll see are drop-crotch pants, stupid hairstyles that requires looking at twice to make sure it’s a guy and not a girl, a vocabulary that makes you want to wash their mouths with soap or with a piece of burning coal, and a face that doesn’t have hair even as much as there are shrubs on the Sahara desert! 😦

Ditto for women. Real full-bodied women were looked up to as the ideal beauties. No Botox, no liposuction. Women wore plenty of floral prints, flowy skirts and chiffons, ribbons and lace, matched their accessories, had well maintained fingernails, paid a lot of attention to how they looked and of course, carried themselves with utmost grace. They celebrated their femininity in every way possible.

Nowadays, women dress up like men, take pride in being/looking unkempt, celebrate using uncouth vocabulary, almost kill themselves in order to look like stick insects and (what’s more) make fun of women who still prefer to look and behave like ‘real women’.

Somebody please turn the clock back to the 1950s. I want to go back 😦

What, in life, is not as good as it used to be?


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