What is the best sensation you’ve ever had?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I’ve had a few 😀 And I’ll share them here.

The first time I went on a ropeway

I was around 19 then we were at Malampuzha Dam in Palakkad. The picture I’ve shared is of the ropeway at Malampuzha. The ropeway moved over the river and the park several hundred feet below. I remember looking down and letting out a squeal of delight. My feet were dangling in the air and it was very windy too. Suddenly, there was a power outage and there I was, stuck mid-way through the ride, looking down at tiny people enjoying a boat ride in the river below, with a very paranoid cousin next to me and I was grinning from ear to ear. The mild drizzle that followed added to the effect! I’ve not felt so good in a long time since then.

The first time I ate a chocolate molten lava cake

Okay so I had no idea about what the hullabaloo was all about this ‘cake’. All my friends were going crazy for this and I had to try it because…well…it has chocolate in it. That was reason enough 😀 So we went to the local Chili’s place and bought ourselves a plate of their trademark Molten Lava Cake. Everything about it was unexpected…the cold ice cream, the delicious cake and the warm melted chocolate goo in the middle. I remember putting a spoonful into my mouth and I felt like the insides of my mouth were just melting in ecstasy. OMG! Inexplicable feeling!

My first experience with the magic of Yanni

So a lot of people used to say that Yanni’s music is magical. One dull afternoon, for want of anything better to do, I looked up Best of Yanni on YouTube. And picked up this song…a total random selection

And I just sat there stunned! For the next three hours, I went from song to song of his. I was officially hooked! His music made me feel like I’m soaring among rain clouds on a magic carpet or something. Amazing!! Still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!!

What is the best sensation you’ve ever had?


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