How come Krishna appeared as an ordinary human and not Divine to common people?

Was this the illusion energy of Yogamaya?

He never age beyond 16, lifted a Mountain, Killed demons etc.. people still couldn’t see or believe his divine form?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

I’ll not go into the specifics of the part you’ve written in the description as I would like my answer to be as unbiased as possible.

When Lord Vishnu took an avatar on earth as Lord Krishna, there was a message He wanted to convey. He knew that the society was fast degrading and something had to be done about it in the most tactful manner.

Many of the things that were rather miraculous in His childhood were passed off as a part of Krishna being a gifted child. The simple cowherd community never thought of their darling Krishna as being divine or anything of the sort. And even Krishna did not make His leelas look like they were done with divine powers. He made it all seem like childish games, though every one of those were a part of the larger plan.

Krishna knew that in order to win the trust of the people He was planning to work with to execute His ‘plan’, He had to one among them. He had to be somebody they loved genuinely, and not feared. As opposed to the earlier Avatars, the avatar of Lord Krishna was that of a born charmer. Krishna was as real as a man could ever get. He expressed joy, sorrow, anger, love, compassion and every other human emotion freely. He won and broke hearts. He was extremely intelligent and a complete King-Maker.

He weaved magic across the hearts of everyone who crossed His path. His power over those who followed the path of righteousness was immense. But even they saw Him only as a dear friend who is there to show them the right way. This way He won not only their love, but also their unwavering trust in Him. And they did what He bid them to do out of love for a dear friend, not meekly obeying out of fear of some divine power. And this is what He wanted.


How come Krishna appeared as an ordinary human and not Divine to common people?


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