How can a novel feel like a movie?

I like to read novels, and I write novels, but I’ve always prefered movies as the format for a story, because it includes every kind of stilmulation for the senses. So how can I get that level of emotion in a novel?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I am a person who reads every novel like I’m watching a very long movie. I have this need to visualize everything in my mind. That’s the only way I am able to grasp the complete essence of what I’m reading.

If you wish to bring about the same level of stimulation in a book as you see in a movie, I would suggest that you get more descriptive of the scenes where the story is panning out. Usually when I read, if there isn’t any detailed description of the surroundings or of the people in the book, I have to make them all up by myself. But if the author has been kind enough to set the scene of the story, all I need to do is to form a mental image of what the author has described as I read. It’s a lot easier and it helps the reader to have the exact scene in their mind as what the author had when he first wrote the book.

This is also why I like to read books on which movies have been based because that way I’d have faces for the characters I’m reading about. It’s like one extremely long movie playing out in my mind! 😀

How can a novel feel like a movie?


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