What would India do if China was the most powerful country on Earth?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

If you’re looking for a political answer, then I don’t think I can offer you much. I am quite an apolitical person. And since China is so far away from my home state which is in the southernmost tip of India, I don’t really concern myself much with the border issues either. They are just matters restricted to history textbooks and newspaper headlines.

Coming to regular people, I believe that there won’t be a lot of change in our perception of what China is as a country and about what it has to offer us in terms of products and services. Even if China becomes the most or least powerful country on earth, Indians will still buy Chinese goods from the market,

They will continue to fancy Chinese restaurants…

They will continue to improvise Chinese dishes and create newer varieties of Indo-Chinese cuisine…

They will continue to gawp at Meiyang Chang’s beautiful voice and wonder at how he is able to speak and sing so beautifully in Hindi without even an ounce of Chinese in his diction.


There will still be visitors to Shanghai and seeing the Great Wall of China will be on the checklist of every globe-trotting Indian.

What would India do if China was the most powerful country on Earth?

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  1. hobbyie says:

    If Chinese become the most powerful, India and everybody else will do what chinese say to do ha ha.


  2. hobbyie says:

    Chinese and Japanese have very mild and disciplined manners, but they are capable of doing cruel things which indians cannot even imagine. Indians can talk all the shit and do nothing. Chinese will politely cut your throat and throw you into a pit of crocodiles.


  3. hobbyie says:

    The things japs did in Unit 731 is unbelievable and those who did those acts are very well manners and cultured, what elegant humans ha ha.


  4. hobbyie says:

    See the horned helmets and stuff. Ancient Asuras come to my mind when I see that seen.


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