Do we all live in our own universe?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I don’t know about others…but I am quite sure that I live in my personal universe. A place where nobody is allowed to enter except me. I do visit the real world occasionally …but it’s filled with too many things I don’t like and I scamper back to my own universe. Brr!

My universe exists exclusively inside my head. I created it a very long time ago when I didn’t feel at ease with the real world around me…when I was unable to do things that my peers were doing as I found nothing interesting in them.

Each time I stepped into my universe, it felt like Newt Scamander stepping into his ‘briefcase’ ^_^

My world was filled with only good things, good people, good thoughts, good everything. It was a place I could think what I wanted, say what I wanted to, be as I liked to be…and yet not fear being ridiculed or judged. It was a place where I didn’t have to do certain things to conform to societal ‘norms’. It was a place where all the characters in all the books I read came to life.

Over the years, my world has turned all the more rich and magical, and I must say that I have grown all the more protective of it. I allow no one to enter it. It is my private universe filled with magic…a place I escape to when the real world threatens to overwhelm me.

I used to fantasize (once upon a very long time ago) about being stranded on an unknown island…without wild animals or wild men, mind you. Just me, some delicious fruit bearing trees and some cute animals….like say rabbits 😛

I wouldn’t even send a message in a bottle. I would live there forever ^_^ It wasn’t a dream…just a secret fantasy. Maybe it was because of the disconnect I had with the rest of the world from ever since I can remember. I was never able to be ‘one with the crowd’. So when I looked around me, everyone seemed to parrot each other and everyone seemed happy. Clearly, I wasn’t supposed to be a part of this world at all…like a time traveler of sorts.

So my own private universe was (and still is) the ultimate and safest escape route. It is still thriving ^_^


Do we all live in our own universe?


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