What are some other things that we should care about other than career, family and health?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

Besides my family, my career and my health, there is one other thing that I devote a lot of time and energy into. And that is for enriching my soul.

Every day, in some or the other way, I learn something new by which my soul gets enriched. It could be an internet article. It could be a life experience. It could be a quote I read someplace. It would have nothing to do with either my family, or my career of my health. But it adds yet another spoonful of enrichment into my soul.

We are here on this earth only for a limited time. And during our brief stint, we ought to learn whatever we can. And when I say ‘learn whatever we can’, I do not mean academic degrees. Yes, they are important to eke out a living. But there is an education that surpasses anything that an academic degree can give you. It is this education that your soul wants you to have.

You can do so many things to enrich your soul. One of the most important of these is acceptance. Learning to accept people with their flaws and imperfections. Yes, there may be a lot of people who do not share the same world-view as you do. But it is this very difference that you should learn from. They make you realize that the same world can be viewed from an angle totally different from yours. Neither of you are wrong. Both are right in their own ways.

Each and every one of us have been born in this world with a purpose. Sometimes we are made aware of that purpose. Most times we are not. But that should not stop us from doing what we ought to do.

There is no guarantee for life. Here today, gone tomorrow. So each day is precious and wasting it in trivial pursuits like spreading hate and negativity will not help your soul in any way. One should always strive to make at least one person happy with their words or deeds every single day.

Your soul is perpetually hungry for knowledge. This is its basic nature. It wishes to see the world through another person’s eyes. It wishes to know what it means to them to be truly happy or to be truly sad. We interact with so many people every day. If we attempt to learn something about them, instead of judging them, that would be more than enough.

Reading is one of the most soul-satisfying things ever. The author is actually showing you the world through their eyes. They couldn’t have possibly made it any easier.

We can never be thankful enough for everything we have been blessed with. If you’re reading this answer, that means you have been blessed with education, you have been blessed to afford an arrangement (laptop,PC,smartphone,etc.) on which you could read this answer. Every day there are so many things that we can be thankful for.

It is more important to live in the present than to regret about the past or fret about the future. What has passed has gone forever, never to come back. And what lies ahead depends on what you choose to do with your life today.

Remember that the body is the temple that houses the soul (God). It is as vital to take care of the body as it is to take care of ones soul. Abusing the body in any way is going to tarnish the soul forever. I have always believed that we have been given this body temporarily by the Almighty…so that the soul is able to use this body to enrich itself. By hearing good, by seeing good, by smelling good, by speaking good and by feeling good, our soul gets enriched a little bit more. Once our soul returns home, the body is returned to the earth from whence it formed.

So when our soul was sent to this earth, it was for a purpose. It was to learn something new. To experience life. To know what it means to be truly loved and to learn how to love back. To know how to make another person’s heart smile. Once the soul has learned everything there is to know, it becomes one with Divinity.

Never stop enriching your soul. By doing so, you are moving closer and closer to ultimate bliss. And remember…

May we all be blessed abundantly! 🙂

What are some other things that we should care about other than career, family and health?


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