Why do most people hate eye contact?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I have been in this situation many times. So I guess it’s okay that I answer this question with some level of authority 😛

So I have naturally big eyes and I have been told by many people that when I look into the eyes of people while talking to them, they are unable to maintain that eye-contact with me for long and they are forced to break it. I don’t exactly know why, though.

Some people view eye-contact as an indirect way of saying ‘I dare you’. I would not have, for the life of me, thought of anything even remotely like that. But unfortunately, that’s the message that goes across to the other person. My innocent gaze is often misconstrued as an act of defiance. I have even had people get angry over this. One person even angrily asked me why I was glaring at her 😛 LOL I was only looking at her!

I had a professor at University who used to look at my forehead while talking to me. It was extremely uncomfortable. I have even found myself subconsciously touching my forehead to check it there’s something there that shouldn’t be there 😀 Till date, I have no idea why he behaved that way. He never really liked me, by the way.

If a person harbors any feelings for the other person that they would not like to expose to the other person like anger, hate, love, lust, contempt, disgust, etc., they get fidgety when the said person makes eye contact with them. As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul. No matter what a person might actually say, most times, their eyes tell the whole truth. So when the person they wish to hide it from makes and maintains eye-contact with them, they fear that their eyes would give them away. Such people also avoid making eye-contact.

Yet another kind are the ones who are telling lies 😀 Oh this is the most common kind. If a person is telling lies, they would not be able to do so while looking at another person’s eyes. Maybe it is possible for those who are habitual liars. But for those who tell an occasional lie, it’s not an easy task. So they get angry when people try to make eye-contact with them. They feel vulnerable and exposed…something they don’t want.

I look into the eyes of every person I talk to as a habit. I think that being able to look into a person’s eyes and talk is a sign of honesty. I don’t have the habit of hiding my emotions and putting on a mask in front of people I don’t like. If I don’t like somebody, I will avoid talking to them at all. I would never try and talk to them while looking at the wall behind them. But that’s just me.

Why do most people hate eye contact?


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