What do you hate most about being a girl?

My answer to What do you hate most about being a girl?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

For the record, I love being a woman. I like to doll up and wear pretty dresses and everything that comes with it.

If at all I do feel restricted about being a woman is when it comes to travel.

But this is not a common thing for all women the world over, mind you. Just a few of us from relatively conservative families. We are not permitted to travel alone, as in travel to foreign lands alone to see the place…like you see in the movies and Google images.

I have always yearned to travel and see the world with just me and my backpack. I don’t want any company. I have dreamed of going and seeing the castles of Ireland and Scotland, I have dreamed of spending lazy days lounging by the beach in the Maldives, I have dreamed of walking along the cobbled streets of Paris and sipping coffee and having croissants from one the charming cafes there. Very doable things for many women out there. But not for girls like me.

The society I belong to would not look at such things too kindly. Though it may seem that they are just judging us rather harshly, the truth is something different. They fear for our safety, they fear unknown predators in unknown lands. They are perfectly justified from where they stand. These days, even a girl going to work or to college isn’t safe any more. Parents wait with bated breath every single day until their child returns home safely. Under such circumstances, people would not even hear of their daughters traveling to foreign unknown lands all on their own to ‘see the place’. Nope. Just nope!

I see my brothers and their friends going to all sorts of places on vacations and weekend getaways. Nobody even bats an eyelid when one of the boys say that they’re going to Timbuktu on a solo vacation. “Call us when you get there” or “How long will you be gone?” is the usual response. And if one of us girls were to say that we’d like to go to a friend’s wedding in the next district, we’d be bombarded with a hundred questions…Do you really have to go? Are you the only one going? How will you go? Who else will be there? Who is this girl you say? How long have you known each other? You’re going in a car? Who’s driving? Will you able to come back immediately after lunch?……..


Get the drift?

I don’t blame them. I totally understand their concern for me and my sisters. But it just feels like we could have enjoyed so much more, if we were born as guys, in this one aspect. A big shout-out to all the women out there who already enjoy this freedom. You girls are indeed lucky! 🙂

What do you hate most about being a girl?


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