What is your favorite food from the US?

My answer to What is your favorite food from the US?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you so very much for the A2A 😀

Oh I could write a book on this 😛 So where to we start? *rubs hands in glee*

Pancakes with syrup is number one! Ohh boy! I love those! It is also one of the few American foods that I can prepare almost as good as any American worth their salt ^_^

I like hotdogs a lot…and they have to have ketchup, mayo and mustard sauce to get that authentic ‘Murrican’ feel 😀 And let’s not forget the lettuce either 😛

And then I loooove Macaroni and Cheese. Sin food, I know. But who cares? It makes my taste-buds do the happy dance 😀 Oh and it goes with breaded chicken fillets or grilled chicken breasts with some good ol’ Buffalo wings sauce! *heaven*

I don’t like to eat any other pizza other than regular American thick pan or deep dish pizzas with oodles of cheese and pizza sauce!

And who doesn’t like doughnuts?

Or mashed potatoes and gravy?

This list is going to get longer… then there’s corn flakes. I could have these any time of the day. Why restrict it to just breakfast? It tastes great any time! I like to have mine with warm extra sweet milk, though.

When it comes to junk food, nothing beats the varieties you get at American restaurants. Burgers from McDonald’s and Hardee’s deserve a special mention. I even had a huge pic of a McDonald’s burger stuck on the wall in my hostel room back during my college days 😛 I like to have them with all the accompaniments – fries, soda and extra cheese 😀

I know bagels are not ethnically American food, but I love them none the less 😀 My personal favorite? Sun-dried tomato and cheese bagel! Yummmm!

Did I miss out something? Oh lots! But I guess I’m just going to have to stop it right here 😛 Man, I’m feeling ravenous right now!!

What is your favorite food from the US?


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