What do women think about polyandry?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

Ah! Polyandry!! Whenever I hear this word, all I can think of is “How on earth do they manage?:-/

I mean, the relationship women have with men is totally different from what men have with women, as we all know. As the age-old saying goes…

Men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears
Which is why women wear make-up , and men tell lies!


So…women basically get into relationships based on what they hear from a possible partner.A few words of endearment, a generous dose of appreciation, a dollop of pampering…and boom! She’s in love! The man becomes the centre of her universe. She does everything to please him to get even more endearing words in return. Okay, cute. But imagine this coming in from multiple men!! 😮 Talk of the brain getting into a knot worse than that made by your earphones! >.<

Okay, let’s put all that aside. Imagine dancing to the tunes of not one but two or more different men every single day! Now, polyandry basically means marriage to different men at the same time. Which means that the woman would officially be ‘wife’ to all of them. And no, we don’t get to have the ‘Draupadi arrangement’ any more, where she is the exclusive wife of one guy for one year and is out of bounds for the other brothers during that time. Even at that time, she had to take care of the needs of only one man at a time. That was facilitated by the fact that all the five Pandavas had several other wives they stayed with during the period of abstinence from their chief queen. Current day society does not subscribe to this system. This would mean that she would essentially have to cohabit in the same house as all her husbands. And we all know that when it comes to relationships, people tend to get jealous. Oh yes, they do. Don’t we all know how jealous boys get when another guy tries to hit on their love interest? It works the other way round too. I know. But since we’re talking of multiple men with one woman, we’ll stick to just that.

So imagine the situation where a guy is actually sharing his wife with another bloke. He would be on a veritable mission to prove that he is the better husband. Say hello to unhealthy competition. And guys pitting against guys in the name of a woman’s favor has always ended up in ugly situations. Think of the poor woman in the middle of all this. Oh boy! She’d spend the major part of her life calming the bulls at home, playing referee, and constantly trying to convince them that she is NOT taking any more husbands. Ugh! Nasty situation.

I am aware that there are women out there who handle multiple husbands. Ladies, you deserve a prize for effective peace-keeping! 😀 LOL

What do women think about polyandry?


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