Why are average Keralites fairer than other average South Indians?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

Well, the people of Kerala are just as diversely colored in various shades of coffee as their counterparts in other states. I guess the only difference here is that you see more of cappuccino and less of espresso and that is mainly because of the better climatic conditions. We get plenty of rain with the monsoons visiting us twice a year, our soil is very fertile and hence the agricultural crop is good, which means we consume very healthy diets. There is also no dearth of potable water. This goes a long way in the texture of our skin and hair.

Besides this, Kerala is not as hot as its neighbors all the year round. Yes, summers can get stifling, but it is not as bad as it is in other nearby states.

Some people say that Kerala was originally a land of settlers who moved southwards from northern parts of the Indian subcontinent. But this has no documentation, hence I cannot give any internet references. It is just folklore. Some people believe that this could also be a reason why Keralites are fairer than most other Dravidians.

Intercultural marriages are another factor. Kerala was always a trading hub for both local and international trade. So they had traders from all lands coming in. A lot of them married among the local women who were famed for their exquisite beauty and made Kerala their permanent homes. If you see some of the people in the northern areas of Kerala, they look like Kashmiris! They have light colored eyes, pale skin, brown hair…and you can’t help but giggle when you hear them talk in chaste Malayalam.

So in short, these are the reasons I could think of for Keralites being fairer than other average south Indians…

  • Good food
  • Good climatic conditions
  • Intercultural marriages

Of course there could be many more factors. I could think of only these 🙂

Why are average Keralites fairer than other average South Indians?


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  1. hobbyie says:

    If you are exposed to sun for generations you become darker and darker. There is no sun in europe. I watched a documentary called Cobra gypsies. They were all very dark, but their counterparts in europe who moved out of india centuries ago are now light skinned. No sun no tan. Cobray gypsy documentary is a good one.


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