What tangible and unique advantages does India have except for its unusually large population?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

When I read this question, I was reminded of the many conversations I have had with my Arab colleagues about this. I live in the middle east and here, people have a penchant for travel. Whenever they get a few days off, they dash off to wherever they can. Being the only Indian in my department, I get asked often about travel suggestions to India…when is the best time? What’ll be the budget? What are the best places? And I used to tell them that when it comes to tourism, India is an all-weather friend.

India can be visited at any time of the year and you can get to see sunshine, snow and rain, depending on where you choose to visit. Depending on the time of the visit, we could suggest the best places to visit. And somebody famously remarked that one lifetime isn’t enough to finish seeing all the places in India ^_^

India caters to every type of tourist…whether they wish to lounge on sunny beaches, or go trekking to the mountains, or enjoy a desert safari, or walk through dense forests, or go shopping to some of the most busiest bazaars in the world, or visit some of the oldest monuments and historical palaces reminiscent of the regal era…India offers the visitor an enchanting potpourri of choices!

If you visit India for like ten days, you could visit the snowy Himalayas, the hot deserts of Rajasthan, the rainy forests of Kerala and the sunny beaches of Goa…all in the same time frame!

Each region is distinctly different from its neighbor in every imaginable way – the culture, the language, the cuisine, the traditions, the art forms, everything. The visitor would understand that there is very little that can be collectively classified under ‘Indian things’ only after they actually visit India and delve into the depths of its richness. They would realize that India is much much more diverse and magical than what is portrayed in the media.

No other country offers a tourist the number of choices that India does. It doesn’t matter if you’re a backpacker or a business tycoon’s heir. There’s something for everyone. And every visitor returns home with a sense of amazement at the beauty of chaotic mess that is India…most of them promising to return and explore more ^_^

Leaving you with a video that showcases the tip of the iceberg…


Incredible India Indeed! _()_

What tangible and unique advantages does India have except for its unusually large population?


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