Given a choice, which region would you prefer to settle down in India?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A 🙂

I won’t even have to think twice for this one. It’ll only be my own hometown, Tripunithura.

There’s nothing very fancy or glamorous about this little township, and I don’t have any flashy photographs to share. But it’s the only place in the world that I call ‘home’. My family has very deep roots there as both my grandparents are from Tripunithura. So their families are spread out all over the place. I would rather be in the midst of a sea of known faces rather than in an unknown land.

On our street, most houses belong to families that have lived on the same street since generations. So the children grew up together and everyone is like one big family. If anybody spots an unfamiliar face in the locality, they ask them who they are and who they were looking for. There is a lot of security for us girls. Even at night, if the neighbors hear some unwanted sounds from the nearby houses, they go and explore just to make sure there are no thieves lurking. So basically, it’s a society where people don’t believe in apathy towards each other. Every family’s problems are solved together. That feeling cannot be explained in simple words. I have lived in many cities in India and overseas. Nowhere else have I felt this kind of warmth and love. It just feels like one big Malgudi Days township ^_^

I would consider myself to be a fairly religious person. So having so many temples dotted all over the town is a veritable paradise for someone like me. The temples and their yearly festivals are a part of the life-blood for an average Tripunithura native. I like the lifestyle people lead there…it’s very old-school, deeply rooted in old traditions. Being a huge Hindu majority township, the town wakes up by 5am everyday. You can see people hurrying to the nearby temples at dawn to offer prayers as they would not eat or drink anything without having paid a visit to the temple first. From most of the houses, we can hear the sounds of whistling pressure cookers intermingled with M.S.Subbulakshmi’s crooning of ‘Venkatesa Suprabhatam’. The newspaper boy would cycle past all the houses whirling rolled up newspapers onto the doorsteps. There would be the milkman on his bicycle with packets of milk to be dropped off at each house. And then you hear the swish-swish of homemade brooms sweeping the front yards of homes. The ladies of the Brahmin households would be drawing pretty kolams at their gates.

Tripunithura is a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. It is close, yet not too close to the fashion capital of Kerala, Ernakulam…just 8km away. It is but a two hour drive away from the beautiful hill station of Munnar. But people don’t really have to go to Ernakulam every time if they want anything. You get everything you need in the town itself. The bustling marketplace, the roadside vegetable sellers, the bakeries…these are all run by people I have known since my childhood 🙂 This is where my roots are. And I wouldn’t trade it for any other luxury in the world. Never ever!

Given a choice, which region would you prefer to settle down in India?


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