Have you ever had an “Out of a movie” moment?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I think I did. And it was right out of a Bollywood flick 😀 At least that’s what I felt it to be 🙂

This happened during my first year of college. I had just joined for my engineering degree program at a very prestigious college in Tamil Nadu, India. I was generally a very quiet and reserved girl, and many of my classmates thought that I’m putting on airs because I’m an NRI student. The fact was that I was just shy. I studied in an all-girls school and talking to boys was just not an easy task for me at that point of time. I didn’t know how to approach people or even strike a friendship.

One day, a couple of weeks after classes had started, we had some function at the college. Everyone was running about participating in competitions or running errands as a part of the various organisation committees.

I didn’t have anything to do, and neither was I taking part in any competition. I went to my class and sat by a window gazing out at the Western Ghats. There were a few of my classmates there and they were sitting and chatting. They seemed oblivious to my presence in the room.

They were singing and one of the guys were singing the song ‘Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko…’ rather beautifully. I was hesitant to look who was singing but I couldn’t resist. I just took a quick glace and noticed that it was a guy named Arun, who was also my partner in our practical/lab classes. I went back to gazing outside, quietly enjoying the lovely singing.

Suddenly he stopped. He couldn’t recollect the next stanza. The rest of them were making sad noises when he stopped singing. I don’t know to this day what came over me at that moment, but after a few moments of confusion, I suddenly started to sing in a loud clear voice continuing the stanza that he had forgotten… ‘Sajaaoonga lutkar bhi tere badan ki dali ko…’

That’s when people looked around to see where this voice was coming from. And there I was…quietly sitting by the window and singing to nobody in particular. After the initial surprise, Arun’s face broke into a broad grin and he sauntered over to where I sat. We completed the song as a duet, both of us smiling ear to ear. That was the start of a beautiful friendship that remains strong even today. And the song ‘Chura liya hai…’still remains special to both of us ^_^

This is the song…



Have you ever had an “Out of a movie” moment?


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